Tracing Pencil or Glass Marking Pencil using for Drawing Patten on Aari Work

  • on September 24, 2021
Pencil Pen using for Drawing Patten on Aari Work

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Pencil Pen using for Drawing Patten on Aari Work
Pencil Pen using for Drawing Patten on Aari Work

Tracing Pencil or Glass Marking Pencil

Tracing Pencil is used to draw symbols on sewing fabric,  This is especially necessary for tailors, aari workers, and fabric workers

Piece of Tracing Pencil available at different colors

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue

This pencil is smooth to draw, but does not use graphite,

This pencil is not useful for drawing or coloring on paper,

This pencil is useful for writing on glasses and writing on leather

Mirror / Blouse Glass

Mirror / Blouse Glass is not the most essential material for aari work

It is used by designers depending on the design,  Using this is a kind of beauty

  • Mirror / Blouse Glass is available in many shapes and sizes in the market area
  • Mirror size and types

6mm Round

8mm Round

15mm Round

10mm Square Shape

6mm Square Shape

10mm Diamond Shape and more …

  • The front is glass and the rear is green, or red, or black mercury plated.
  • This type of glass can be used for more work, for example
  • Beautiful design in all kinds of clothes used by women
  • beauty equipment items to be rewarded
  • Handicrafts
  • Bags used by children and women
  • Shoes used by children and women
  • It is very easy to handle but requires more attention, because if the glass is broken it will sharpen like a knife and tear the body
  • These are called by many names
  1. round Shaped Mirrors,
  2. Square Shaped Mirrors
  3. Craft Mirrors,
  4. Mirror Embellishments,
  5. Glass Mirrors,
  6. Face Mirrors,
  7. Stitching Mirrors,
  8. And Sticky Mirrors

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