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(notitle) can only be beautifully designed by experienced people. (notitle) definitely requires a lot of practice and effort. If the beginners have a lot of training and effort, This type of design can be created very easily and beautifully.
If you are going to put a design on a blouse, Take a close look at the sample design and see what kind of materials are used.
Now i am going to explain the (notitle), Please see the image Above
First you should select the designs, Then prepare and keep the necessary items. I am going to explain step by step how to design (notitle) with aari work.

Materials needed for (notitle)
Look clearly at the blouse design given above and find out what kind of materials are used on the arm area, back neck and front neck areas. All of the materials used are given below.
Aari Stand
Aari Frame ( adjustable screw type )
Aari Needle ( Hand Needles )
Sugar Beads
Karthana (Half Bead)
Zardosi (Golden Zardosi )
Zari Thread (Golden jari thread )
Running Stone Chains
Antique and Gold Beads
Kundans Stones
Tracing Pencil or Glass Marking Pencil
Zarthosi Needle
Carbon Paper
Mirror/ Blouse Glass Work
Lakshmi Coin for Aari Work
Thread Cutter/Thread Clipper
Measuring Tape
Fabric Glue, Embroidery Glue
Butter paper

Find the right items to design a blouse and take note of them, check and buy the items needed to design a blouse at the right store.

You can easily design (notitle) by following the steps below
Step 1 :
Choose the right fabric for the (notitle)
Step 2 :
how to use aari frame and how to fit the clothes properly
It consists of two round wooden frames, one of which is a small round wooden frame and the other a very large adjustable frame. Place the fabric to be embroidered exactly on top of the small round wooden frame, then attach the large round frame to that fabric on top of the small fabric. The adjustment of that large frame should be locked in place with the correct tightness, then slightly pull the fabric on the outside of the frame to make sure the fabric on the inside of the frame is tight. Now the general we sew by hand will be correct and our vision will be correct.
Step 3 : “(notitle) “
Use the old blouse with the right body size and check the sizes of the blouse that will be made into the new design.
Note: If the body size of the old blouse is incorrect, the newly designed blouse will be incorrect, so attention is required.
Step 4 :
The back neck of the (notitle) that are being designed are “U – shape”, which can accurately measure old blouse sizes. If the blouse does not fit the body size, measure the new one. Maybe customers want a different shape of the back neck.

for example
U – shape
ப – shape
v – shape
Butterfly shape
Full closed back neck
Half Pot shape
Pot shape and more

Back neck U shape model ((notitle) )

Step 5 :
Drawing the design on the blouse
How to draw a design, look at the picture above and draw the design neatly and clearly, use the Marking Pencil to draw the picture. If there is any mistake in the drawing while drawing the design, erase it using an eraser.
Drawing method with carbon paper
Take the required design paper and carbon paper. First place the carbon paper on the blouse in the right place, then place the drawing on the carbon paper so that it does not move, and then draw with a pencil or pen on the drawing.

Step 6 :
The back neck should be sewn with Zari twice around the initial border area, Thus when sewn twice the border area is strengthened to prevent tearing, when the fabric is cut and sewn.

Note : Look clearly at the picture above (notitle), whether the blouse design is sewn with a zari on the border at the back neck area or not, incase not sewn the zari please avoid stitching with zari on the blouse design.

Step 7 :
Sew with sugar beads, near the zari already sewn twice
How to sew sugar beads: Take the golden tailoring thread and tie the knot at the starting point where you want to sew, Then attach the sugar beads to the beads needle, Sew the sugar beads with the knotted thread, Thus sew the beads back together with the needle

Note : Look clearly at the picture above, whether the blouse design is sewn with sugar beads on the border at the back neck area or not, incase not sewn the sugar beads please avoid stitching with sugar beads on the blouse design.

Step 8 :
Clearly design the back neck border on the given blouse, and when the border section is finished, look at the other blank area on the blouse and see what kind of designs are on that empty area.

Look at the design in the area other than the back neck border of the model blouse given above, similarly, draw the design on your new blouse and use the same materials in the design

Step 9 :

Hand area (Sleeve Part)

This is the heart of the design, The hand part is the main part of the design, The area that gives the most beauty, More attention is needed in designing the hand area,
There are two types of hand area
1. Small hand
2. Long hand (elbow)
Note: More attention is required when marking the size of the hands
Although the right hand and left hand are the same size, the design is a little different
Although small hand and large hand (elbove), the design is a little different, Blouse users may have more or less arm circumference, Small changes in design are likely to occur during that time.

Step 10 :
More attention needs to be paid to the design of the hand part in the blouse, take a look at the hand design in the picture above and find out what kind of design is in the initial border area of ​​the hand, using what materials. Also design the (notitle) arm area border with the right materials,
After designing the sleeve border, look at the rest of the section and design your blouse by looking at what kind of designs are available, the materials used to design the sleeve area of ​​the blouse, etc.

Step 11 :
Design and create the left hand in the same way as the right hand,

Draw The Designs on Tracing method
If you have an already drawn picture or a copied picture, you can use it to draw designs on the blouse in a traceable manner, which requires carbon paper.

Hand Part ( sleeve)
The left-hand design should be the same as the right-hand design. It uses paper twisting on the design,
Place the white paper on the right hand design and place it on the blouse design so that the white paper does not move.
Now gently tweak the top of the white paper with a pencil so that the pattern on the blouse is on the twisted paper and twist until the desired size is desired.
Draw the copy on the left hand with carbon paper and make sure the design is correct after drawing.
Now The (notitle) is ready.
(notitle) can be designed beautifully and without error only if you follow the above steps correctly.

(notitle) protection method

It is very important to protect the hard-designed blouse
The dirt on the blouse is easily discolored
Wearing a discolored blouse does not give beauty
Objects that change color easily
Sugar beads (golden color)
Large beads (gold color)
Running Stone
Dirty objects with golden color
The main reason for the change in color is the perspiration and temperature in our body in general
Gold-colored cosmetics, at a temperature of 30 degrees, undergo a chemical transformation along with a mixture with air, so the color changes easily.

Things to do to keep the color unchanged
Cover the designed blouse well with an airtight polythene cover and then place on a shelf
Hip size For (notitle)
The (notitle) can be divided into two sections
Aari work design
Stitching properly
Aari Work design depends on the designer
Stitching depends on the tailor
If the design is incorrect it is the designer’s fault,
It is the tailor’s fault if the body sizes and fit are not correct,
Only if these two are right, the wedding blouse will be perfect and the beauty will be great,
Waist size is very important, you can not wear a blouse if the size increases or decreases,
The waist size of the blouse is high and will be uncomfortable after wearing,
Blouse waist size is low, can not be worn to be tight,

Conclusion: (notitle)

(notitle) is clearly explained by this article,
Then the materials needed for this design and how to handle them,
How to start designing,
Steps in the design of ongoing work,
How to finish the design,
Tips to look out for in this design
Colors that match the design exactly
How to take the required size from the old blouse,
How to fix a design error
We have also told you how to protect (notitle)
The above has been clearly explained by me as the author through this article

(notitle) The Secret of Beauty
The Back Neck and Sleeve location of this blouse is amazing,
Sleeve Designs is very nice ,
Back neck border and Sleeve Border Work is very nice,
These are the beauty of (notitle),

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filling stitch method
Inspect the area where you decided to sew the filler stitch
The filler will be so beautiful only if sewn in the right place
Complementary stitches can be classified into two
Stretch and sew the thread
Chain series stitching pattern
The chain series stitching in the empty space is so beautiful
Stretching and sewing of thread is best for pipe thick thread and leaf shaped shapes

Pipe thick thread sewing method:
Sew the thread at the bottom of the pipe thick thread and then pull the thread and sew at the top, Sew on the top and then pull the thread and sew on the bottom, thus sewing with the filler seam until the pipe thick thread is completely finished.
How to paste and sew a Running Stone:
Choose where to place the Running Stone,
Measure the right size length and cut the stones
Put the glue where the stones should be placed
Place the Running stones correctly on the glue
Wait until the glue dries
Sew with thread continuously as a place for ten stones

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