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Aari Work Blouse | Bridal Blouse Design


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Maggam Work Blouse | Aari Work Blouse Handmade Saree Blouse, Made to your size, Color can be Customized.

Aari Work Blouse Bridal Blouse Design description and key features
Maggam work | Aari work Handmade Saree Blouse . Made to your size. Color can be customized.

Available sizes of blouse 
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Front Length
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  • Handmade
  • Dispatches from a small business in India
  • Materials: Pure Pattu Silk, cotton lining
  • Wash Instruction: Dry Clean Only

Undertake custom orders on any designs and fabrics in required sizes. It takes 7 to 10 days for customization or made to order.

Features of Aari Work Blouse Bridal Blouse Design

  • This blouse comes in red and green mixed color,
  • Front and back neck are dependent on designs,
  • Sleeve designs also depended on designs.
  • The beauty products used in the design depend on the design.
  • This Aari Work Blouse Bridal Blouse Design has handmade designs,
  • Should need more time for the elegant blouse designs can you should read the features, before buying the Bridal Blouse

Aari Work Blouse Bridal Blouse Design Hand Designs

You should watch the blouse hand (sleeve )designs, this suitable or not for your think,

This type of blouse comes with more sleeve size, but our experience designer advises buying full-sleeve designs, reason is front and back neck designs and around-the-blouse designs have suitable for this type of sleeve

you should decide whether the blouse is suitable for your saree, and also consider this type of sleeve suitable or not.

Aari Work Blouse Bridal Blouse Design Protection Method

All types of Aari work or maggam work blouses should need protection because they will change color very easily.

Bridal Blouse Protection has some important points.

  • This type of blouse should not clean using water,
  • Should not use Irons or Steamers.
  • Do not dry in the sunlight.
  • Do not keep it in the air for too long.
  • Many people should not wear the same blouse.
  • This is because body heat and sweat can easily cause discoloration in the design

Should use the Steps for Good Protections

  • The blouse must use dry-cleaned,
  • Keep it in an airtight container, for example, a zipper bag, plastic bag, and plastic closed container.
  • To be worn only when necessary,
  • To be worn only when necessary,
  • Only one person should wear it.
  • It is best to wear it only at night, or in the morning.

Things to consider before buying a Aari Work Blouse Bridal Blouse Design,

  • you should check blouse color has matching your saree.
  • you must decide on your blouse exact size, before ordering.
  • Should discuss with your fashion advisor or your friends, about that blouse.
  • Should read and learn about the blouse designs before order
  • Must learn how to use the particular blouse.

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An expert designer can make unique Aari Work Blouse designs

Our very good and Expert designers only can make perfect aari work blouse designs.  After receiving the order from the customer, the designers start designing the blouse. It will take more hours or a few days for the blouse design to be made by the designer. The perfect designer will follow some steps to make a beautiful Aari Work Blouse Bridal Blouse Design.

Designers make designs of the exact size as per customer choice for example – blouse size inches, front and back neck lower size, sleeve size, hip size, and arms size like that.  Designers make the blouse design beautifully by choosing the right material for the design. Designers keep size and shape in mind while designing a blouse. The skill of the best designers lies in the beautiful blouse.

Aari Work Blouse Bridal Blouse Designs
Aari Work Blouse Bridal Blouse Designs

New Stylish and traditional Aari Work Blouse designs

The Aari Work Blouse and Maggam Work Blouse are traditional and unique.
For all kinds of auspicious occasions, women love this type of blouse.

Women wear Aari Blouse or Maggam Blouse to look beautiful, especially at wedding functions, friends’ house functions, relatives’ house functions.

This type of blouse has a lot of support among women and they are interested in wearing a traditional blouse with a new stylish.

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