Lakshmi Coin For Using Hand Embroidery Designs Aari Work Maggam Work

  • on September 24, 2021
Lakshmi coin For Using Hand Embroidery Aari Work Maggam Work

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Lakshmi coin For Using Hand Embroidery Aari Work Maggam Work
Lakshmi coin For Using Hand Embroidery Aari Work Maggam Work

Lakshmi coin

Lakshmi coin Used in the design of Hindu traditional ceremonies and pujas, Utilize in the costume design of those who attend temple ceremonies

It is available in the market area

The Lakshmi coin is available in many colors

Gold color

Silver color

Dark color

Light color

And many more

This is very easy to handle

aari Embroidered workers sew this on the blouse,

lakshmi coin is easily discolored

The metal used to do this






The lakshmi coin is unique in that it is widely used by women and children, in necklaces, bracelets, and sarees.

Devotional handicrafts and decorative items are specially made for the customers who are interested in buying

Antique beads using for Blouse

  • Antique beads are mostly used for aari work
  • It is also used to make cosmetics, for example, bracelets, rings, bands, and blouses
  • There are many types of antique beads
  1. Antique Bead
  2. Antique Brass Beads
  3. Antique Pearl Beads
  4. Antique Gold Plastic Beads
  5. Antique Gold Plastic Wheat Beads
  6. Antique golden floral Beads
  7. Antique engraved beads
  • These Antique beads are available in many shapes and colors in the market area
  • Designers often use gold antique beads
  • These types of beads are sewn together with Beads needles
  • Antique bead size
  1. Small Antique beads 2 mm
  2. Medium Antique beads 3 mm
  3. Large Antique beads 4 mm
  • When storing antique beads care should be taken to avoid air and heat, Because it changes color easily

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