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Half Beads for Aari Work, Maggam Work, and Hand Embroidery Work

Half Beads

Half Bead Golden Colour for Aari Work
Half Bead Golden Colour for Aari Work

Half beads

half bead used to give beauty for Aari work, these half bead are very important role in the work place

·         These half bead are available in many colors

·         Designers get the colors they need, as they see fit

·         Designers generally use more golden half-beads

·         These types of beads are shiny,

·         The golden half-bead are easily discolored

·         Beads needles are used to sew this

·         The half beads look like glowing pearls

·         So, it is mostly used for jewelry design and aari work designs

·         There are two types of beads in this category

  • 1. Pastable half bead
  • 2. stitching half bead

·         The size of the half bells is 4.0mm

·         Height 2.5 mm

·         The half bells are hemispherical in shape

How to handle Beads Work blouse

Fabrics are very basic in working with Ari

Designs can be made on fabric

So make sure the fabric is right

Fabric is damaged by designers in three ways

The fast pull will damage the fabric when fitting the aari frame, so patience is required

When the wrong seam is corrected, the fabric will be damaged

When removing improperly glued stones or cosmetics, the fabric will be damaged

Do not give the fabric a chance to damage, handle it very carefully.

So be sure to know how to handle the fabric

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