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Fabric Glue / Embroidery Glue for Aari Work Maggam Work Hand Embroidery

Fabric Glue

Fabric Glue Embroidery Glue for Aari Work
Fabric Glue Embroidery Glue for Aari Work

Fabric Glue

Fabric glue, which is used by more and more people, is often used in more and more arts.

This glue is easily and quickly sticky,

Most easily available in the market area,

Made exclusively for easy attachment of dirty accessories to fabric.

This type of fabric glue is very easy to handle, but tearing the sticky material is a bit of a difficult process

This type of Fabric Glue is widely used by AARI workers and handicrafts makers

It is better to buy the product of the best company

Used to drive a lot of objects for example

Paste the stones on the cloth

Stick the beads

Paste the glasses

Fabric Glue the threads

Paste the tapes



Shoes and MORE

Running Stone

  • Running Stone is a metal wire that holds small stones close together in a series
  • Running Stone is widely used for beauty
  • There are different sizes on the market
  1. Running Stone 1mm
  2. Running Stone 1.5mm
  3. Running Stone 2 mm
  • It contains a variety of colored stones
  • aari Working people mostly use chains with white stones
  • How to use these
  1. The running stone is glued with glue
  2. Running stone is sewn with ordinary thread
  • Running Stone Chain are used for 
  1. Aari work,
  2. maggam work,
  3. jewelry making, 
  4. scrapbooking, 
  5. card making, 
  6. portray decoration, 
  7. handicrafts card decoration and 
  8. different craftswork
  • These are very easy to handle,
  • The chain can be cut with the required amount of stones and then glued or sewn
  • running stone must be covered and lock with any box, because if the running stone have some heat it will be change color quickly

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