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Sew your casual blouse to your liking
The clothes we wear boost our self-confidence,
So it is very appropriate to set your blouse to your liking

Take a look at the blouse above and if you like it, you can sew as well.

You may be a tailor, so you can try to sew this blouse yourself,

Maybe if you are not a tailor, you can ask your tailor to sew similarly,

If the blouse we wear is our favorite, it will give beauty to our mind and body,

It is better to have a favorite neck area with your favorite design in the blouse of your choice, otherwise you can change your favorite neck area yourself.

You can easily design (notitle) by following the steps below
Step 1 :
Choose the right fabric for the (notitle)
Step 2 :
Use the old blouse with the right body size and check the sizes of the blouse that will be made into the new design.
Note: If the body size of the old blouse is incorrect, the newly designed blouse will be incorrect, so attention is required.
Step 3 :
The back neck of the (notitle) that are being designed are “U – shape”, which can accurately measure old blouse sizes. If the blouse does not fit the body size, measure the new one. Maybe customers want a different shape of the back neck.

for example
U – shape
ப – shape
v – shape
Butterfly shape
Full closed back neck
Half Pot shape
Pot shape and more


Back neck U shape model ((notitle) )

Hand area (Sleave Part)

This is the heart of the design, The hand part is the main part of the design, The area that gives the most beauty, More attention is needed in designing the hand area,
There are two types of hand area
1. Small hand
2. Long hand (elbow)
Note: More attention is required when marking the size of the hands
Although the right hand and left hand are the same size, the design is a little different
Although small hand and large hand (elbove), the design is a little different, Blouse users may have more or less arm circumference, Small changes in design are likely to occur during that time.

Step 4 :
More attention needs to be paid to the design of the hand part in the blouse, take a look at the hand design in the picture above and find out what kind of design is in the initial border area of ​​the hand, using what materials. Also design the (notitle) arm area border with the right materials,
After designing the sleeve border, look at the rest of the section and design your blouse by looking at what kind of designs are available, the materials used to design the sleeve area of ​​the blouse, etc.

Step 5 :
Design and create the left hand in the same way as the right hand,

Hip size For (notitle)
The (notitle) can be divided into two sections
Cloth Type
Stitching properly
Blouse Stitching depends on the tailor
If the cloth quality is low it is the Cloth Selector fault,
It is the tailor’s fault if the body sizes and fit are not correct,
Only if these two are right, the blouse will be perfect and the beauty will be great,
Waist size is very important, you can not wear a blouse if the size increases or decreases,
The waist size of the blouse is high and will be uncomfortable after wearing,
Blouse waist size is low, can not be worn to be tight,

Keep in mind the concept mentioned above, in designing your blouse, clearly look at your favorite color, the size of the sleeves, the front and back of the blouse, the right size for the waist, the design of the chest area.

Conclusion: (notitle)

(notitle) is clearly explained by this article,
Then the materials needed for this design and how to handle them,
How to start designing,
Steps in the design of ongoing work,
How to finish the design,
Tips to look out for in this design
Colors that match the design exactly
How to take the required size from the old blouse,
How to fix a design error
We have also told you how to protect (notitle)
The above has been clearly explained by me as the author through this article

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