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Aari Work for Beginners | Very Simple ideas and tricks

What is Aari Work ? Aari Work for Beginners

Aari work for Beginners

I give one simple definition

“The creative Needle Art”

The specialty of this art is to give beauty to a form with needles, thread, beads and various beauty objects.

Aari Work Frame | Aari Work for Beginners

Your beginner  for aari work,  You should must learn about Frame, Because this is very important of your creations work. | Aari Work for Beginners

How to buy New Aari frame ?

if you think buy a new aari frame, first you decide which size comfortable for you, because in markets  have available multi sizes. your Aari work for Beginners must be learn about frame

Aari round frame sizes are :

  • Round frame 18 inch
  • Round frame 16 inch
  • Round frame 12 ich
  • Round frame 10’inch

Aari Work Frame Size

Aari work Frame Size inches | Aari Work for Beginners

Your beginner for aari work , you should select 16’ inch round frame, because the 16′ inch  size are medium size for creative people. If you have very good experience on aari work. you should select 18′ inch round frame, because the creative people can design extra place on cloth or blouse.

Otherwise various size of round frame 12′ inch and 10′ inch are creative people choice, because the both size are very small size, some creative people should select this size for small designing works.

How to See the wood types ? | Aari Work for Beginners

if you think buy a good round frame, you must watch wood type, the wood is strong or weak, the wood is well or bad, then just you check the smell it good or bad,  why I advise you, I made some mistakes, You should not make the same mistakes.  If your round frame is broken while working, your mood will break.

See if it is a glued wood or a single wood , if two or three wood are glued you will know better when looking at the frame,  Avoid buying this frame if it is glued wood because it will break easily.

Aari Frame Breaking

Aari work Frame Breaking | Aari Work for Beginners

you buy frame must be single wood, It will not break and will be better to work .

When  you purchasing a round frame it is important to note that it is broken and that’s the broken is glued. The glue material is likely to break at any time. So  careful to purchase round frame.

How to see the structure of screw? | Aari Work for Beginners

The screw is very important because the newly purchased round frame is the one that holds the fabric tight.  It is difficult to work if the screw is not correct.

A lot of people, when buying a new frame, fail to notice whether the screw is working or not, The frame was not noticed to be broken even after coming home, When do you start working, on that time your mind will upset, because the screw not working,  above I was told you, it all my experience,  As I said above I have explained everything through pictures.

aari frame Screw

Aari work Frame Screw

you want to try aari work ?

you like aari work ?

It will require a lot of patience and effort.

Qualifications required to  learn aari work | Aari Work for Beginners

  • First you need patience,
  • Drawing pictures,
  • Needle handling for cloth,
  • Matching colors,
  • Stitching sizes,
  • Detection of dirt materials required for sewing,

First you need patience | Aari Work for Beginners

It is very important to learn this art, patience. Because it is hand work, if you do not have patience while working, you will suffer first cloth then your hand , The fabric will tear, and your finger will be pierced with a needle.

It requires a lot of attention,  otherwise  you will get your finger pierced by yourself,  Improper stitching or careless stitching can tear the fabric cloth, The fabric is torn like this, making it very difficult to stitching in that place

So patience is essential in this place. please Consider this,  It doesn’t matter if it’s your clothes, But if your customer is cloth then your good value will be spoiled, That’s why I say it again, Patience is very necessary.

Drawing pictures, | Aari Work for Beginners

Image drawing is unique in this art,  If drawing is very good, It would be nice to stitching on top of the fabric , Draw with a pencil or socks while drawing on the fabric, when you drawing on the clothes don’t take mistake,  because you do some mistake the clothes are damage – Aari Work for Beginners

when drawing Must be painted with perishable materials,  Because of the drawing goes wrong it should be destroyed, on that time the cloth are be safe.

Alternative method with a paper already drawn, Put drawing paper and carbon paper on the fabric and draw on it, when you drawing on that time, just you watch dont shake or move both paper,

in case if you move or shake tha both paper, your drawing are comes not good and your clothes are may be damage.  You have to be careful considering all these, while drawing the picture

Needle handling for cloth | Aari Work for Beginners

You have to be very careful when handling the needle,  Because of the sharp needle, it will pierce your fingers and clothes,

first you learn how to handle needle ?

how to turn needle?

how to stitch with needle ?

how to joint thread with needle ?

how to move needle with thread ?

needle moving distance ?

how to move two thread with needle ?

how to move beads with needle ?

how to move zari with needle ?

how to move nylon thread with needle ?

how to switch stone with needle ?

how to make double not with needle ?

Aari work beads needle

Aari work beads needle | Aari Work for Beginners

above all information just you learn very well, after ,  what you have to say for needle, that will do any thing  for  you,  If you start working without training, the fabric you are working on is prone to tearing by incorrect sewing. It doesn’t matter if it’s your clothes, But if your customer is cloth then your good value will be spoiled,  That’s why I say it again,  needle handling method is very important for creative people.

Matching colors | Aari Work for Beginners

colour matching is very important of aari work,  colors gives life to your creative art,  Colors enliven your creative art,  You need to choose the right color for your design,  Only if the color is right will the painting be beautiful to look,  So choosing the right color thread is the beauty of art,

Selecting the wrong color, splitting it after sewing, etc. it can damage the fabric, so be careful to choose colour.

  • Choosing the right color thread,
  • choosing the right colour stone
  • choosing the right colour stitching,

All of these include one of just choosing the color

Stitching sizes | Aari Work for Beginners

Size is very important for hand sewing,  The way it is sewn by hand gives a kind of beauty to the sewing,  Only if there is the right size between one stitch and the other stitch will the stitches be visible and the stitch will look beautiful, 

aari work chain stitch

aari work chain stitch | Aari Work for Beginners

If the stitches are not correct when sewing by hand, the same will not get dirty This your good value is wasted,  Because sewing is small and large, your art will not be beautiful, Stitch size required when sewing with colors, you maybe removed wrong stitching, the cloth will be damage so be careful before sewing

Stitching types are: | Aari Work for Beginners

  • chain stitch
  • not stitch
  • filling stitch,
  • connection stitch,
  • beeds stitch,
  • stone stitch,
  • zari stitch,
  • thread stitch,

All of the sewing ratios mentioned above are included in the art. Aari work for Beginners must be learn about stitch types .

Detection of dirt materials required for sewing,

Some items that will give more beauty to your aari work | Aari Work for Beginners



Color threads

White stones,

Connecting stones,

Colored stones

Sticky materials



glass beads,

colour beads,

There are many more

Beads | Aari Work for Beginners

Beads are objects that give beauty to your art, Stitching on the design border will give more beauty to the art, most of aari work creative people using sugar beads, because this give very good shape,  Both small and large beads are sewn together, depending on what the designers think. Aari work for Beginners must be learn about beads.

There are many types of beads
  • sugar beads,
  • antic beads,
  • small antic beads,
  • medium antic beads,
  • big antic beads,
  • glass beads,
  • white beads
  • and color beads

Beads and colored beads like these will add to beauty for aari work.  Stitching with stones, stitching with beads on stone, stitching with colored beads with colored stones,  All this will give beauty to beauty,

Aari Work Antic beeds

antic beads, | Aari Work for Beginners

aari work sugar beads,

sugar beads, | Aari Work for Beginners

aari wrok white beeds & glass beads

glass beads, & white beads | Aari Work for Beginners

see above i mentioned all it is very important for aari work creations people because this is very basic,  basic is strong building is very strong so my humbly advice

This art is very easy to practice clearly and learning properly, you will get good value

Your doubts and questions are welcome, You can contact us if you have aari work related questions,  we give good valuable answer for you.


People also ask

What is Aari work?

I give one simple definition

“The creative Needle Art”

A wonderful art of hand sewing with needle, beads and colored threads

What is difference between Aari work and embroidery?

Ans : There is no big difference, Aari work – stitched with stones, beads, colored threads and beauty products,  embroidery work – sewn with colored threads, mostly used computer work | Aari Work for Beginners

How do you make AARI at home?

Ans : aari work More and more women are doing  themselves at home, which requires training and effort.

How does Aari work for beginners?

I give a little advice to all beginner, training and effort are essential, so Learn properly.

  • First you need patience,
  • Drawing pictures,
  • Needle handling for cloth,
  • Matching colors,
  • Stitching sizes,
  • Detection of dirt materials required for sewing,

If you have any doubts or questions please comment me or Contact me through Email Id,  thank You.

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Aari Work for Beginners,

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