Aari work blouse and saree Designs

Aari work blouse and saree Designs

Aari work blouse and saree Designs

Aari work blouse and saree Designs
Aari work blouse and saree Designs

Aari work blouse and saree Designs

Image Source by Aari Work (bridal Blouse Design) 

Look clearly at the blouse design given above and find out what kind of materials are used on the arm area, back neck and front neck areas. All of the materials used are given below.

Aari Stand
Aari Frame ( adjustable screw type )
Aari Needle ( Hand Needles )
Sugar Beads
Karthana (Half Bead)
Zardosi (Golden Zardosi )
Zari Thread (Golden jari thread )
Running Stone Chains
Antique and Gold Beads
Kundans Stones
Tracing Pencil or Glass Marking Pencil
Zarthosi Needle
Carbon Paper
Mirror/ Blouse Glass Work
Lakshmi Coin for Aari Work
Thread Cutter/Thread Clipper
Measuring Tape
Fabric Glue, Embroidery Glue
Butter paper

Find the right items to design a blouse and take note of them, check and buy the items needed to design a blouse at the right store.

Hand area (Sleeve Part)

This is the heart of the design, The hand part is the main part of the design, The area that gives the most beauty, More attention is needed in designing the hand area,

There are two types of hand area

1. Small hand
2. Long hand (elbow)
Note: More attention is required when marking the size of the hands
Although the right hand and left hand are the same size, the design is a little different

Although small hand and large hand (elbove), the design is a little different, Blouse users may have more or less arm circumference, Small changes in design are likely to occur during that time.

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Aari work blouses and saree Designs
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If you have any doubts about the Aari work blouse and saree Designs , or have any questions about on aari embroidery, please contact me through E-mail id or comment me Thank You

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