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Aari Work Blouse maggam work blouse designs

Maggam Work Blouse Design

Latest Maggam Blouse Design 

The new maggam work blouse design is very stylish and traditional, the design is precise and elegant. Blouse wearers are happy and comfortable, the blouse is designed to fit the saree perfectly. Their embroidery design is perfect to match the color of the blouse and the cosmetics used on the blouse are in the right place and the right size.

Maggam Work Blouse Designs

Aari Work Blouse

Maggam work blouse Aari work blouse
Women want to look beautiful at all the auspicious functions at home, especially those who are going to relatives’ home functions and friends’ home functions everyone wants to look very beautiful, and women like to wear Aari Work Blouse. Because it gives confidence along with beauty.

Womens of all ages love to wear Maggam work blouses. Both traditional and modern blouse designs are great to wear for special occasions and look beautiful, here is a collection of Maggam Work Blouse Designs.

Women love to wear embroidered blouses for wedding functions, and all kinds of auspicious functions (Aari Work / Maggam Work), these types of blouses make women look like angels.

Ari Work Blouse Hand Designs

aari work blouse maggam work blouse designs
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The sleeve area is very important in a blouse, the sleeve is the heart of an embroidery blouse, and designers give a lot of importance to the sleeve area while designing the blouse. The beauty of the blouse is also reflected here.
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Maggam Work Blouse Design gives confidence

Women’s clothing should be stylish and should also give self-confidence. Women are unique in society. They are given importance, in many places they are foremost and thus are seen and respected by all. Maggam work designs and Aari Work designs give more self-confidence in women’s wear. And it looks traditional and stylish.

Important things to consider while choosing maggam Blouse, Aari Blouse

  1.  Measurements of correct body parts of the blouse,
  2.  Front-neck and back-neck patterns
  3.  The right sizes of sleeves to compliment the blouse.
  4.  Correct measurements of hips and breasts.
  5.  Hook Session Sides of Blouse,
  6.  A blouse of the right color to match the saree.
Aari work / Maggam Work When buying a new blouse or sewing a new blouse, the most important thing to note is the size, the blouse should fit the body perfectly. Only then will it be beautiful. Measurements you should look out for in a blouse Blouse size, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38.
  • Back neck lower size
  • Front neck lower size
  • Breast Size
  • Sleeve Size
  • Hip Size
  • Above measurement is very necessary
The back neck and the front neck area get important in the design of the blouse. Because sleeve design is closely related to neck design. The blouse is stitched together with both designs. Aari Work Blouse / Maggam Work Blouse gets more design in the neck border area. As per the design of the blouse, the back neck and front neck designs also vary. And women who want to wear a blouse can also change the back neck shape as per their preference Different shape of the back neck. for example U – shape ப – shape v – shape Butterfly shape Full closed back neck Half Pot shape Pot shape and more The border of the blouse and the border of the sleeve design should be the same so the blouse will look very beautiful, so you need to keep this in mind while sewing or buying a new Aari Work Blouse Design / Maggam Work Blouse Design.

In a designer blouse with embroidery, the sleeve part is very essential, it is the heart of the blouse, and the sleeve part adds beauty to the blouse. The design on the sleeves adds beauty to the entire blouse and the wearer.
According to the design of the blouse, the sleeve sizes of the blouse are divided into four categories

  • Long sleeves
  • Elbow sleeve
  • Short sleeves
  • A sleeveless blouse
All sizes are important in a blouse, and waist size is the most important of them. Because women’s body weight changes often, they usually gain weight, so the waist size of the blouse changes. So when the blouse is sewn new or bought new, it should be bought in the correct waist size.  The waistband of the blouse is slightly different from the new design of the blouse.
Hook Session Sides of Blouse A blouse hook or zipper is essential. The sides of the hook are varied as per the design of the blouse. Women decide the location of the hook according to their convenience. 1. Front hook structure of blouse, 2. Side hook structure of blouse, 3. Back hook structure of blouse. Depending on the shape and design of the blouse, the position of the hook can be changed.
Women will look beautiful if the clothes they wear are suitable for their skin tone. Women generally like color. They choose more colors in the clothes they wear. The saree is part of their dress, Indian people love the saree more, saree is our country’s culture, and it is a tradition to dress it as well. Women look very beautiful in traditional dress and women look angelic in sarees. When wearing their favorite saree, the color of the saree and the color of the blouse should match, then they look very beautiful. Aari work blouse / maggam work blouse is best for silk saree, bridal saree, wedding saree, reception saree, decorative saree, etc. When designing a new blouse or buying a new blouse, it should match the color of the saree.
aari work blouse maggam work blouse designs

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